Humanities - Roosevelt House

Current Project:  Unit Assessment - Imaginary Island 

12/6 Monday - Final copy of island due.  Requirements 1,2,3,4 & 7,8,9,10 & 12,13 (Pink sheet) Colored and black ink labels.

Latitude and Longitude lines done in class with teacher direction.  Due Tuesday. 

12/7 Tuesday -  Treasure Hunt Directions started in class - handout and directions given.  Continue working in class tom.

12/8 Wednesday - Treasure Hunt Directions completed in class using handout (white)  and completed island map.

12/9 Thursday - Draw Treasure Chest with ruler and color & partner check before handing in project.

12/10 Friday - Geography Bee in class - Treasure chest due Monday filled

12/13 Monday - Geography Bee continued - Write Speeches for Island project in class 

12/14 Tuesday - Partner Trade and Hunt for Treasure in Class.  Return all classroom papers from beginning of quarter and file in folder

12/15 Wednesday - Create Vocabulary Flip Cards from pages 10 & 16 in textbook.  Grading Island project with individual students. 


12/16 Thursday - Textbook - Read pp. 10-15 in class.  Complete Assessment p. 15 numbers 3-8 on notebook.  Write in complete sentences.  Restate the question in your answer.  Due tom.

12/17 Friday - Complete IB Assessment Reflection sheet in class.  In groups - plan teaching of pp.10-15 to class.  

12/20 Monday - Island Presentations with partner in class  for final grade on project.

12/21 Tuesday -Finish IB reflection, presentations, Island grading, student group teaching of textbook section and Grow Challenge in groups if time.

Happy Holidays - 2nd quarter will end January 22, 2011.  If your child has any missing work as shown on the progress reports that were sent home, please have them complete the work over the holiday break and turn it in on January 3rd.  The Geography Skills Unit is complete and we will be starting a new unit on Mexico when we return. 

Welcome Back to a New Year 2011!

1/3/11 Monday - Introduction to Mexico - Textbook pages 228-229.  Homework - Label the Mexican States and bodies of water. #1,2,3

1/4 Tuesday - Complete the Mexican Map coloring #4,5,6,7,8 for Wednesday.  Read pages 231-233 in text. complete the first two sections of graphic organizer in notebook for Wednesday. 

1/5 Wednesday - Read and discussed Section 1 in class pp.230-235.  Completed graphic organizer with class.  Homework - Sec.1 wksht.

Quiz on Friday on Section 1. 

1/6 Thursday - Discuss homework.  Grade Mexico maps in class. Complete Unit 1 Reflections. Homework: Study for quiz. Re-read section and study graphic organizer and Section 1 worksheet.  Homework:  Bring in washed glass jar with no label by 1/17.  Bring in small or medium cardboard round.  Must have one white side with no wax by 1/17 for project.

1/7 Friday - Grade Grow questions.  Take Quiz.  Trav's Travels Video on Mexico. Homework:  Glass jar and pizza round by 1/17.

1/10 Monday - Grow-Week 12 - 1 and 2 in notebook.  Trav's Travels video cont. Create Physical map of Mexico in class.

1/11 Tuesday - Grow 12 -3 and 4.  Create Climate Map Overlay using tracing paper in class.

1/12 Wednesday - Grow Week 12 - 5 and 6. Return Quiz and do corrections.  Model short essay question in class.  Students correct multiple choice using book.  Must have page numbers and correct answers.  Due Thurs.

1/13 Thursday - Grow Week 12 - 7 and 8 and Correct in class.  Read and highlight handout on climate and land features of Mexico in class.  Start Climate Map sheet.  Connect impact landforms have on climate and Mexico's location (Tropic of Cancer).

1/14 Friday - Early Release Day - Begin planning Door Design for Viking Up contest.  Whole house presentations of Out of My Mind projects.  Dr. Martin Luther King Presentation with music and You Tube videos.  

Project materials due next week Tuesday 1/18.  Glass jar-washed and label soaked off.  No lid. No writing in glass on jar.

Pizza round- must be white on one side- no wax.  Can obtain at any pizza shop(usually free or small change).

1/17 - No School Dr. Martin Luther King Day - home assignment.  Write down one act of kindness you completed over the weekend and have a parent/guardian sign it and bring it to school to share with your classmates.

1/18 Tuesday - In class - Climate Map questions with group.  Start vocab. rings for Sec. 1-2-3 (Mexico).

1/19 Wednesday - Schedule classes for next year (7th grade) with Mr. Metzgar.  Paint jars for project.  Continue work on vocabulary rings in class.

1/20 Thursday - Paint second coat on jars.  Read Sec. 2 pp. 236-241-"Blend of Traditions" in Reader/Recorder groups.  Share information on graphic org.  Discuss Power Point presentation illustrations--all group.  

1/21 Friday - "What is Culture" Suitcase activity in class.  

1/24 Monday - Progress Reports sent home--parent signature required by Thurs.  Partner project on Aztec civilization.  Reading and notecards completed in class.  Pictures chosen for Power Point.  Presentation tom.

1/25 Tuesday - Aztec presentation with partner and power point today. Homework - practice glyphs for Aztec pottery jar project.  Bring black magic marker on Friday. 

1/26 Wednesday - Finish Aztec presentations.  Mrs. Guiney's powerpoint review.  Aztec quiz today.  Aztec pottery glyph project with markers.

1/27 Thursday - finish work on quiz and jars.

1/28 Friday - Finish jars.  Read and discuss Warrior packet. Homework - Create rough draft for shield.  Make sure pizza round is here Monday or $.25.

1/31 Monday - Work on Aztec shields and finish Aztec pottery in class.

2/1 Tuesday - Read pages 72-74 on Natural Resources.  Brainpop video and quiz in class.  Powerpoint on Mexico's resources.

2/2 Wednesday - Snow day

2/3 Thursday - Snow day

2/4 Friday - Read Mexico Sec. 3 pp. 244-248 in class. Complete Grow 15 1-8 in notebook.

Packers WON the Super Bowl!!!! 

2/7 Monday - Classes 2 & 4. Graphic Organizer in groups for Section 3.  Work on shields in class.  Homework pp. 250-251 Key ideas 22-25, Critical Thinking #30, Thematic Map 1-2, Circle Graph 3-4.  Due Wednesday. 

2/8 Tuesday - Same as Monday with classes 3 & 5. (MAP testing)

2/9 Wednesday - Video on Economics.  Graphic organizer notes and discussion on Industry, Agriculture, Service Industry, Free Market and Command Market.  Use of technology in global economy.  

2/10 Thursday - "Why do we trade?" Discussion.  Video clip on NAFTA. Read p. 77 on exports and imports.

2/11 Friday - Supply and Demand pencil and money activity.  Skilled labor - job, education, salary and hours match up game in groups. Brainpop quiz on Supply and Demand.

2/14 Monday - Complete graphic org. in notebook on solving problems in Mexico.  Powerpoint - National geographic - class quiz.  Wind Turbine act. on Internet.  Correct climate questions.  Go over Aztec Quiz essay corrections.

2/15 Tuesday - No School - safety issue

2/16 Wednesday - Author visit - no regular classes

2.17 Thursday - No school -Teachers out

2/18 Friday - Introduction for assessment - go over missing work.

2/21 Monday -  


2/28 Monday - Continue outline for essay paper in notebook.  Smartboard presentation.  Students collaborate in groups to complete bullet points on four topic about Mexico's economy.

3/1 Tuesday - Complete III. Trade and IV. Problems for Mexico paper in notebook with groups.

3/2 Wednesday - Begin Rough Draft of essay on Mexico in class. Introductory paragraph only. No parent help.

3/3 Thursday - Continue writing rough draft in class.  Homework - complete paragraph 2 on natural resources, #3 on jobs, and #4 on trade tonight.  No parent help. Bring rough draft tomorrow complete.

3/4 Friday - Write final 2 paragraphs in class. Paragraph #5 Problems created by modern economy and #6 Conclusion. Homework over weekend- complete any unfinished writing of rough draft.

3/7 Monday

3/8 Tuesday

3/9 Wednesday

3/10 Thursday

3/11 Friday

3/14 Monday

3/15 Tuesday

3/16 Wednesday

3/17 Thursday

3/18 Friday - Early release - Freedom Train Simulation - Slave Posters - Freedom Quilts

3/21 Monday

3/22 Tuesday - Intro Central America/West Indies Partner Projects - Outline given - Partner and Personal Assessment Sheets given

3/23 Wednesday - Library computer lab - Research on Internet - Partner Project

3/24 Thursday - same as Wed.

3/25 Friday - Internet down - Research using library resources, IMC books

3/28 Monday - Library computer lab - Research on Internet - Partner Project- Rubric given - Focus on environment and economy of each country.  Partners match final 10 fact in each area for publishing. 

3/29 Tuesday - Final research day with library resources and IMC books -Focus on connection between environment and economy of each country.  Partners match final 10 facts in each area for publishing.

3/30 Wednesday - Publish research in poster format - Environment/Economy 10 facts each.  Begin physical maps

3/31 Thursday - Continue work on maps.

4/1 - April Fools! Draw conclusions for project.  Write rough draft in notebook.  Project due Tuesday 4/5. Homework - complete any work left on project. 

4/4 Monday - Complete summary on partner project.  Final day. (Working lunch time available if unable to complete.)

4/5 Tuesday - Caribbean video -child labor (Working lunch time available if unable to complete project.)

4/6 Wednesday -

4/7 Thursday - Complete IB reflection sheet for Central Amer./West Indies Partner Project.

4/8 Friday - Label South American Region Map in black pen in class.

4/11 Monday - Complete definitions on back of South American Region Map completed in class.  Read pages 291-295 and complete timeline in notebook.  Quiz on Sec. 1 Tues. (You may use your notes for a portion of the quiz). 

4/12 Tuesday - Quiz on Section 1.  Discussion on land region information on back of map completed by students. Maps due today.

4/13 Wednesday - Quiz corrections.  Discussion on land region definitions.

4/14 Thursday - Section 2 pp. 296-303. Pie graph, chart and Venn diagram worksheet. Scale worksheet and South Amer. Burrito wksht.

5/15 Friday - Pedro's Life comparison.  Correct worksheets.  Hello/Goodbye - Google Translate--bring to class on Monday.

Milaeger Money Certificate sale sheets due Tuesday, April 19th!!!